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Automation In Yoga Business With A WordPress Website

Yes, you read it right! We automated the yoga business – Laya Yoga based out in the UK with our WordPress Website solution.


Shybu Anna, listed the problem like this 

1. Whenever I organize events/programs I have to send the meeting links manually and get payments manually (a major problem that is identified with most of the health/yoga businesses). 

2. Need a platform to list my own events and market them as a third-party website takes a lot of charges in the form of commissions.


Our team made the case study for the same and devised a plan in which all of these things can be automated and the owner can focus more on business growth rather than these operational things. The website of Laya Yoga –  is made on WordPress and we have used a plugin called Eventer to automate the whole process.

Eventer – This plugin helps us to list the event along with all details, collect the payment & send confirmation Emails to the participants with all event details.


1. Less time for business management.

2. Easy to use and list events on your own platform

3. No fee to be paid to any other 3rd party vendor.

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